4th of July Classics, Remade Healthy

Healthy Summer Recipes

Holidays are a great time to celebrate with food, friends, and family!  Our family certainly eats unhealthy treats on holidays sometimes, but if I can avoid it, I do.  In this list of 4th of July classics, remade healthy, I’ll share some recipes and ideas with you for a healthy summer party menu.  Don’t worry…none of it tastes like cardboard…real food doesn’t taste that way.  Scroll down to find links for hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, veggies, bean dip, chocolate chip cookies, and dairy free ice cream.  American classics without the guilt!

Let’s start with the barbeque! No food is more American than grilled chicken, hot dogs, and hamburgers, right!?  Here are a few recipes and articles that will help you serve healthy versions of these.  Honestly, I don’t think anyone will notice if their hot dogs don’t have nitrates in them.  Their bodies will, though.


Hot Dogs:


Veggies go nicely with grilled meat!  You can serve some raw, and cook others alongside the meat on the grill.  Here are some great options:

Appetizers are a must for any 4th of July party!  Here are some of my favorites:

Summer fruits are also a great addition to your 4th of July party!  Here are some fun ways to serve them:

We can’t forget dessert!  Your friends and family will love these ideas for home made summer treats.  I’m including a couple of cookie and brownie recipes, because you can add them to your sundaes!

Paleo Jello
Paleo Jello Stars

I hope this list of healthy, fun summer recipes will inspire your 4th of July menu.  Let’s celebrate the freedom we enjoy in this country and continue to be thankful for the sacrifices made to ensure our freedom throughout the year!


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