Simple Soy Veggie Dip

Soy Veggie Dip

I love a good dip, but most of them are full of empty calories and really fattening!  This is a very simple, quick sauce, and you’ll be shocked at how good it tastes!  If your children aren’t excited about veggies, try serving them with this.  Simply mix about a quarter cup of light vegan mayo with about a tablespoon of low sodium, gluten free soy sauce and start dipping.  You’ll love it!  My family even dipped their chicken in there!

I buy our light mayonnaise at Sprouts.  I do not recommend the more common brands of light mayo, because they’re full of bad fillers, chemicals, and sometimes sugar. Remember to read your labels and look for things that are recognizable as real food!  Just because something says “Light,” does not mean that it’s actually good for you.


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