Yoga…Always Worth It!!!


I’ve been meaning for a while now to write more posts on exercise, because this blog really is about lifestyle, not just food.  Food is just so much fun, though, isn’t it?  Well, I was inspired by my yoga workout tonight to encourage you all to try it!

Yoga isn’t your typical workout, because it combines exercise with relaxation, and the benefits go way beyond physical health!  It teaches you to be calm in the midst of challenging situations.  It gives you a chance to quiet your mind and experience the moment.  It creates space for you to meditate, and for me it’s a time to pray and rest in God’s presence.  I’m quite sure that stress was one of the main factors that caused my diabetes, so yoga has become a vital part of my healing process.  Sometimes I’m not sure whether or not I want to take the time to do it, but at the end of every routine I feel rested and revived, and realize once again that it is always worth it!

Here are some links to my favorite routines.  Although I have seen some routines that focus on Eastern spiritual ideas, these ones are about stretching and relaxation, and they range from 15 minutes to an hour in length.  The links will take you to the DVDs on Amazon.

 (3 routines, 15-30 minutes; beginner)

(5 routines, 15-20 minutes; beginner)

(5 routines, 15-25 minutes; beginner)

(1 routine, 45 minutes; beginner to intermediate)

(1 routine, 1 hour; intermediate)

(3 routines, 1 hour; advanced…you’ll be sore!!!)

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