Play with your Food to Feed a Picky Child

Feed a Picky Child
Have fun turning pancakes into your children’s favorite story characters. This one is Shelob, from Lord of the Rings (obviously).

Parents, you know how hard it is to feed a picky child!  I have been trying out quite a few different healthy pancake recipes and up until recently JJ was unwilling to eat any of them.  He won’t eat nuts plain, so I was hoping the almond meal pancakes would be a sneaky way to get them into his diet.  Nuts have protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and healthy fat.  Studies have shown that people who eat them live longer than those who don’t.  Do an internet search for “Do people who eat nuts live longer than those who don’t?”  You’ll find quite a few articles on it!  Here are a few healthy pancake recipes (all are gluten free and low Glycemic, most are dairy free, some are Paleo):

Even with all these tasty pancake options, JJ wasn’t sure about it.  A couple weeks ago Emily made some pancakes into fun shapes and played a little game with JJ.  It totally worked, and he ate a bunch of them (yay for having an awesome big sister)!  This morning I made Lord of the Rings pancakes and I think he ate 5!  He just needed a few drops of maple syrup to seal the deal (a little real maple syrup isn’t bad if you don’t have diabetes). You can also apply this creativity to other foods to feed a picky child!  Broccoli sure looks like trees, and my little dinosaur likes to roar when he eats it.  We’ve all been told that it’s not nice to play with our food, but I think if you can get your child to eat undesired healthy foods and give them a positive experience at the same time, you are doing them a great service.  Food that is forced will be food that is rejected when the child grows up and can choose on their own!  Make it fun for them! I’m including some pictures of my lame Lord of the Rings pancakes to prove that you don’t have to be a professional food artist to make eating fun for your kids.  OK, I’ll admit that I had a ton of fun with it, too!  By the way, the normal circle pancakes can be the fiery rocks that the orcs lob into Gondor, or they can be Death Stars.  Adapt it to fit your children’s favorite stories and be creative.  The picture at the top of this post was Shelob, the giant spider. Here’s Arwen and Aragorn kissing, as requested by Emily (who won’t be allowed to kiss until she’s 30):

Feed a Picky Child
Aragorn and Arwen kissing…isnt’ it romantic?
Feed a Picky Child
Here’s Arwen and Aragorn kissing when they’re older and have gained some weight.

Here’s a Nazgul head (total fluke…didn’t mean to make it, but I think it came out well…just start dropping batter, then decide what it is once it settles into place):

Feed a Picky Child
Creepy Nazgul head!

Have fun playing with your food!

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