Healthy Bacon?

healthy bacon

Most people who want to eat healthy bacon use turkey bacon, but I’ve decided that turkey bacon just doesn’t count.  It doesn’t do the bacon thing, know what I mean?  If you would like to splurge sometime, here are three ways to make it a little better for you.  I wouldn’t healthy bacon, but definitely healthiER.  The first two tips will make it more expensive, but would you rather spend the money on good food, or on medical bills later on?

  1. Buy Center Cut.  The center cut has more meat and less fat.
  2. Buy Nitrate/Nitrite Free.  This is a good rule of thumb for any processed meats.  Nitrates and nitrites are used in preserving the meat, but they are carcinogenic, which means they cause cancer.  The package may also say “uncured.”
  3. Portion Control.  This is pretty obvious, right?  Try to enjoy the flavor without going overboard on the calories!

You can find center cut, uncured bacon at Sprouts, and probably at the normal grocery store.

Enjoy this “healthy” bacon with one of my gluten free, nutrient rich pancake recipes!


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