Garbanzo Bean Mint Tacos

Garbanzo Bean Mint Tacos

This recipe is the result of me throwing together random ingredients we had (in the garden and the fridge), and hoping it was edible.  The words “mint” and “taco” don’t usually go together, but it actually turned out really, really good!  This is a good meal for warm weather!  It’s also easy to make and inexpensive!  Here are the ingredients:

Corn or Brown Rice Flour Tortillas

Garbanzo Bean Mint Salad (see the link at the end)

Mixed Greens

Queso Fresca (omit if vegan)


Cook your tortillas directly over the open flame on a gas stove if you can.  I’ve found that this is the best way to make those brown rice ones softer.  Try to include some arugula in the mixed greens, because it surprisingly goes really well with the other flavors!  Pile the ingredients up on your tortillas and dig in!  I skipped the olives in my garbanzo bean salad this time…I’ll admit it’s because I’m feeling too lazy to open another can!


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