Paleo Raw Date Brownies

Raw Date Brownies

Um…yummy!  This is a seriously yummy, easy, healthy snack to make for you and the kids, and it’s way less expensive than those $1.50 to $2 health bars you can buy at the store.

Click here for a helpful article  that explains some of the health benefits of using dates as a sweetener.  Click here for more information on the health benefits of dark chocolate.  Both articles include recipes that are a variation of this one.  Choose the one that looks best to you!

This treat should be ok for diabetics to eat in moderation, but if you are in the process of trying to reverse your diabetes I would wait until your sugars have gotten to a good level.  Dates aren’t exactly low in sugar, but they are significantly lower on the Glycemic Index than other sweeteners, because they’re accompanied by fiber (they also have other healthy nutrients).  Adding cinnamon and coconut oil helps your body regulate the sugar (plus they taste really good).

Add all of the ingredients, except pecans and cranberries, to your food processor.  Process until it makes a paste.  You really have to let it go for a long time!  It should form a ball at some point.  If it doesn’t form a ball, try adding a tablespoon of almond milk at a time, until it does.  Taste the dough to make sure it has enough sweetness to balance the chocolate.  Pat the mixture down into an 8×8 baking dish (I lined it with parchment).  Press the cranberries and pecans into the top.  Freeze for half an hour, then serve.  Better than cookies!!!


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