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weight loss

It should come as no surprise that weight loss and health go hand in hand (unless, of course, you are underweight).  Since I lost a lot of weight quickly, you may be surprised to find out that I actually eat a lot of food and don’t count calories.  My focus has been to reverse the diabetes and become healthy through food and lifestyle, not to simply lose weight.   When you eat healthy food, exercise regularly, and lower stress, your body is able to function the way it was intended to function, and it tends to level out at an optimal weight.  God designed you well!  Be patient if it doesn’t happen right away!  It can take a while to detox when you stop filling your system up with the poisons of processed foods.

In the picture above I’ve shown you a typical breakfast for me.  That’s a lot of food, right?  If I don’t eat a huge, healthy breakfast, I need to eat again within an hour, or my sugar level tends to plummet!  I almost always include a salad, creamy buckwheat, fruit, nuts, and green tea.  Sometimes I also have eggs with it.  To save time I make a large pot of buckwheat, which lasts for a few days.  Starting the day off with this kind of breakfast is an important piece in the “getting healthy puzzle.”

Of course, if you’ve read my “About” page, you know that I don’t think food, exercise, and limiting stress are the only ingredients for healthiness.  I believe we were made to be in relationship with our Maker, and it is most important to be healthy spiritually.  Knowing God affects every part of my life.  Even when my body fails me…which is more often than I’d like…my soul is satisfied, because I know Jesus and experience His love daily.  I’m so thankful!  I pray that you will find this wholeness, as well!

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