Paleo Pumpkin Jello Bites

Pumpkin Jello

Are you ready for Fall to start?  We are, and you know that means lots of pumpkin recipes!  I made these Pumpkin Jello Bites for my children to celebrate the start of our new school year.  We home school, but I think they would be the perfect after school snack during the early warmer days of Fall!  Aren’t they cute?  The kids (and adults) loved them, and they’re really easy to make!  Here’s the link for the adorable silicone pumpkin mold.  You can also bake with it, which is nice (you can look forward to a recipe for Paleo Pumpkin Petit Fours!).

There are a couple of health benefits in this pumpkin jello that I want to tell you about.  First, did you know that gelatin is really good for your liver?  This is particularly good for diabetics, because the liver is one of the main organs involved with sugar regulation.  If you do have diabetes, though, I would substitute xylitol for the honey.  Second, the pumpkin, of course, has vitamin A, and lots of fiber.  I love fun, healthy kid snacks!  (Should I admit that I enjoy them as much as the kids?)

Paleo Pumpkin Jello

Here’s the recipe:

Whisk together the gelatin, raw honey, and spiced cider in a large measuring cup with pour spout.  Heat the pumpkin and coconut cream in a small pot over medium heat, until it just comes to a boil.  Whisk it into the gelatin mixture.   Taste it to make sure it’s sweet enough for you.  Add more honey or xylitol if necessary.  You can also use a few drops of vanilla flavored stevia in place of the xylitol to sweeten it without adding more sugar (stevia is not Paleo).

If you have a Nutribullet that has the Souper setting, you can also make these pumpkin bites in there.  It’s really easy!  Just put all of the ingredients together in the large pitcher that is not airtight, and run it on Souper (press the front button until it turns red).  Once the mixture is hot, pour it into the pumpkin molds and refrigerate them until they’ve set up. This feature is so cool! I’m planning on making hot cocoa and soups in there this winter!

pumpkin jello

pumpkin jello

Place the pumpkin mold sheet onto a baking sheet (it fits perfectly in a jelly roll pan!).  Pour the pumpkin jello liquid into the pumpkins. I filled mine to the top, and had quite a bit left over.  You can pour the rest into cupcake papers, or any other jello mold you may have.  Place the jello bites in the refrigerator and leave them there until they set (a couple hours).  They should pop out pretty easily.  Enjoy!

Paleo Pumpkin Jello

I’d love to walk alongside you on your journey towards wholeness and health!

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