Hot Quinoa Cereal

quinoa cereal I usually eat creamy buckwheat for breakfast, but recently found these quinoa flakes.  They cook really quickly, which makes them a great option on a rushed morning!  Add the amount of liquid called for on the package instructions, sweeten with a little vanilla and maple syrup or stevia, then add some toppings.  I replaced some of the water with coconut cream to make it richer.  Top it with frozen berries, spices, flaked coconut, flax seeds, dried fruit, pecans, and other nuts. I’ve written a lot about the various health benefits of coconut.  Recently I also learned that it helps you process sugars and boosts your thyroid function.  Love me some coconut!

Here are links for the quinoa cereal and coconut flakes (sign up for Prime Pantry to save on shipping for the coconut; the quinoa ships free if you have Amazon Prime).


If you don’t particularly like the flavor of quinoa, try one of these.  I eat the buckwheat a few times per week, but it does take longer to prepare.  Sometimes I combine the GF oats with the quinoa.  That way I still get the benefits of the quinoa, but the flavor is milder.  These ones will take a few extra minutes to cook. They come in packs of 4, and will keep on the shelf for a long time!



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