Healthy Food and Family Time: Campfire Dinner at Home


Food is a gift from God, not only to keep our bodies healthy, but to help build our relationships with the ones we love!   Tonight we had a blast, roasting our dinner in the fire pit.  We roasted nitrate free turkey and chicken sausages and hot dogs, small sweet peppers, and marshmallows (in moderation, of course…if you teach your kids never to eat anything sweet they may not continue with healthy eating habits as adults).  I also added strawberries, tangerines, guacamole, and organic corn chips to the food pile in order to round out the dinner.  There was very little prep time!  We laughed, told stories, relaxed, and truly enjoyed each other!  I’m so thankful for the gift of these people in my life!

Here’s a picture of our spread:

Campfire Spread

I encourage you to take time to have fun with your meals and create situations like this to connect with your family or friends!  If you don’t have a fire pit try removing the grate on your barbeque and roasting the food there.  One of the side benefits that came from this meal is that the kids had so much fun roasting their peppers, they were actually willing to taste them.  3 of the kids even liked them!

By the way, when peaches are in season I think a great, healthy dessert idea would be to roast slices, then drizzle them with raw honey and nuts.  Yum!!!

Here’s my simple guacamole recipe (I added cilantro and green onions tonight):

Javan found a good way to keep the smoke out of his eyes!

Campfire Goggles

Here are a couple links to help you get this started!


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