A Very Green Breakfast!

Green Breakfast

St. Patrick’s Day gives me a great excuse to add extra greens to our breakfast!  My little leprechauns helped pull this one together!  For the eggs we just added green food coloring and almond milk, then Emi scrambled them.  For the veggie saute I started browning sliced mushrooms in coconut oil over medium heat on my cast iron skillet.  When they were about half way done I added the chopped asparagus.  A few minutes later I mixed in the cruciferous blend from Trader Joe’s, salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and cooked until they were wilted.  Here’s a picture of the cruciferous blend:

Green Breakfast 1

For the donuts see the following link:


Here’s my happy Caleb, looking very festive with his chocolate mustache.

Green Breakfast 3

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