Paleo Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies


Paleo Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies
These cookies are delicious, with or without the frosting!

Paleo Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies are a fun, healthy way to enjoy the flavors of the Fall!  My kids loved and husband loved them and ate them quickly!

This recipe has cocoa powder, coconut flour, and almond flour in it.  Beyond adding iron, fiber, and trace minerals, the cocoa powder acts partly as a flour substitute in this recipe.  It absorbs liquid and works together with the coconut flour to make the consistency right.  By the way, if you ever find a recipe that calls for more than a half cup of coconut flour, run away!  It’s nasty stuff, and should really just be used in small amounts to help the texture of your dish.  It is really healthy, though, adding lots of fiber and helping you process sugars, so using a little is a good idea. The almond and cashew flours really make up the bulk of the texture in these Paleo Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies, and they also add healthy fats and protein.  I love making healthy cookie recipes (as long as they don’t taste healthy!!!

I used my mini cupcake pan to make the cookies.  I like the shape, and it made the edges get a little crusty, which was nice!  The texture is more cookie-like than cupcake-like, though, and you can just drop them onto a normal greased baking sheet if you’d rather cook them that way.  It may change the baking time, though, so keep an eye on it!

Before we get to the recipe for Paleo Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies, I want to invite you to join with others who are making healthy changes.  I’d love to walk alongside you in your journey towards wholeness and health!

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Paleo Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies

Makes about 4 Dozen Mini Cupcake Sized Cookies

Dry Ingredients

Wet Ingredients

*Note: Xylitol is not Paleo, but it is a great option for diabetics.  It is a low Glycemic, natural sweetener that tastes and bakes like sugar.  

Grease a mini cupcake pan liberally with coconut oil.  (I use the spray from Trader Joe’s or Sprouts, but it does have some ingredients that aren’t Paleo, like soy lecithin).  Preheat the oven to 350 F.

Mix together the dry ingredients in a large bowl and set aside.  Place all of the wet ingredients into your stand mixer and mix them with the paddle attachment (I love the one with the edge scraper attached…then you don’t have to scrape the bowl!).  Mix until it is very smooth and completely incorporated.

Add the dry ingredients to the wet and incorporate them on the lowest setting.  Drop 1-2 Tbsp of batter into each cupcake spot in your pan.  Gently press it down to make sure it comes almost up to the top.  Bake for 12-15 minutes.  Every oven is different, so check them at 10.  They’re done when the center is set (I used my finger to test that…just don’t touch the hot pan!).

Let them cool on a rack for a few minutes, before overturning your pan to let the cookies drop out.  If they don’t want to leave their little home, use a knife to release the edges.

Serve Paleo Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies plain, or with the frosting.  My children prefer them without the frosting.  I like the frosting, because it makes them taste more pumpkin-y!

paleo pumpkin chocolate cookies

For the Frosting (optional)

Mix all of the ingredients together with a whisk.  It may take a couple minutes to totally incorporate all of the ingredients…don’t give up!  Place a dollop onto each cookie and let it cool in the fridge.  Serve cool or at room temperature.  Enjoy!


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