Spiced Paleo Apple Dip

Paleo Apple DipSpiced Paleo Apple Dip is a great snack or dessert for the Fall!  The kids scarfed it down when they came home from their Thursday classes last week.  I think it would be the perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas appetizer, too!  Of course, the dip is not limited to apples!  Try it on other fruits, like bananas!

Have you ever tried a cream cheese, brown sugar apple dip?  That was the inspiration for this recipe.  Instead of cream cheese, though, I used nuts.  The nuts don’t taste the same, but they do give this Spiced Paleo Apple Dip a great consistency, and they’re much healthier!

You’ve heard me talk about the beneficial omega fats in nuts many times, but did you know that they’re also high in fiber, protein, and minerals?  Cashews are high in zinc, iron, and magnesium. They also have tryptophan in them, which is a protein that helps you relax by boosting your seratonin levels.  Pecans are full of plant sterols and antioxidants, which support a healthy heart. They also have vitamin B3, which can give you energy.  As you see, your body reacts quite differently to nuts, than it does to cream cheese…cream cheese will weigh you down, while nuts will lift you up!

Before we get to the recipe for Spiced Paleo Apple Dip I want to invite you to join with others who are making healthy changes, if you haven’t done so already.  I’d love to walk alongside you in your journey towards wholeness and health! Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full!”  Freedom from food addictions is part of having a truly full life.  

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Paleo Apple Dip

Makes About 1 1/4 Cups of Dip

Place all of the ingredients, except apples and lemon juice, in your blender or food processor (whichever one is the smallest).  Blend until smooth.  Before you scoop out the dip with a rubber spatula, take a little taste to make sure it’s sweet enough.  You may want to add a little extra salt, too.  If the flavor seems right to you, scoop out the dip into a fancy serving bowl.  Otherwise, add more syrup and blend a little longer.

Cover the apple slices with lemon juice.  This will serve 2 purposes!  First, it really adds a nice flavor and kick to the apples, which compliments the dip nicely.  Second, the lemon juice will preserve the color of the apples and keep them from turning brown. For a beautiful presentation arrange them in a round pattern on a red serving platter.  Enjoy!


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