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Are you ready to make some changes to the way you live?  Are you sick of feeling tired and sick?  Are you ready to stand against the “drugs first” mentality of our culture?  Hopefully Great Food and Lifestyle is a helpful starting point for you, but here are some other pages and resources you may also like!  Some are vegan, some are Paleo, some are simply whole foods.  I don’t necessarily agree with everything in them, but we can learn something useful from all of these perspectives!  Take in the information like you would eat a fish…keep the meat, spit out the bones.  Also, remember that what works for someone else may not be a good fit for you.  God made each of us with unique needs.  Take the time to develop an eating plan that works for you!  Of course, many of these resources have a special emphasis on the control and reversal of diabetes, since that was my diagnosis.


  •      Dr. Steven Shaffer: If you’ve been to other doctors or naturopaths, with little or no results, I HIGHLY recommend that you go see Dr. Shaffer.  Phone number 714-540-0555
  •      Radical Resolutions: Eric Burlingame, the founder, has helped me process through old emotional and physical patterns that were dragging me down like a heavy weight!
  •      Further Food: This is a site that shares recipes and articles about food that heals!  I LOVE it!  Seriously, check it out.  They share my mindset that food is medicine, and should be the first step towards healing…not drugs!
  •      Public Health Corps: This site is committed to educating the public on health related issues, and has a great resource page for diabetes.  It may be helpful to your research and understanding as you journey towards wholeness and health!
  •      Dr. Fuhrman: One of my favorite nutritionists!  He has tons of ideas for health and weight loss.  Thousands of Dr. Fuhrman’s patients have reversed their diabetes!
  •     Forks Over Knives: Another great resource for losing weight and reversing disease.
  •      The Daniel Plan: A food and faith plan for living healthy.  Developed by the Amens.   Christian perspective.
  •      Back to Eden: Information about growing an organic garden (and why it is worth the time and energy!).  Christian perspective.
  •      Elana’s Pantry: Great ideas for Paleo cooking.
  •     Fave Healthy Recipes: A collection of healthy recipes and ideas.






I included the Bible in this list, because I believe God created us to live in the freedom of relationship with Him, not to be controlled by food.  Living in hope instead of despair is certainly good for your body, not just your mind.  If you’d like a free online audio and written version, click here.

Videos (check Netflix before you buy): 


Of course, if you have any questions I’d be happy to talk with you.  I may or may not have answers, but would also be happy to pray for you!  You can contact me at, or click on our Questions and Comments page.

If you’d like to start a blog of your own, here are a couple links to help you get started. I LOVE blogging, and think it is a healthy creative outlet. You may have heard me say before that wholeness and health are not merely about food and exercise! Keep your mind moving!

If you want to blog just for the fun of it, here’s a link to  I worked with them for about a year, and loved it!  They have easy to use templates, and great customer support.

If you want to blog to earn money I highly recommend using SiteGround.  They will help you set everything up with, and also provide great customer support!  Here’s the link for them:

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